Pediatric Dentist Partnership Opportunity - ND

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Lindell Kemmet, DDS
Phone: (701) 852-4789


City: Minot
State: ND

Are you looking to change the world? Join our team! We are looking for a skilled and personable pediatric dentist with a focus on research, orthodontic expansion, growth, and development of children.

We are a proactive general dental office already highlighting and treating growth and development of children, along with active treatment of adults with airway/sleep disorders, and are in the process of designing and developing two separate, but adjoining clinics simultaneously. One clinic will focus on pediatric dentistry, and the other will purely be a directed airway supportive health with SLP, OT, LC/IBCLC, and Nutrition.

The pediatric dental clinic will be centered on growth and development of children to support general dental and medical principles that we have set forward over the last 8 years our clinic has been in existence. The pediatric dentist must have:

  • a great understanding of orthodontic treatment goals and willingness to learn developing orthodontic techniques on young children
  • a willingness to learn techniques and focus on tethered oral tissue plasty utilizing both laser and scissor/suture methods on infants and children
  • a developed skill set of pediatric dentistry
  • a fun and energetic demeanor and willingness to push the field of medicine forward as a leader in the field nationwide.

Our location is in Minot, ND and this is planned as a partnership opportunity. For information, full disclosure is available with signed NDA/confidentiality agreement in place.


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