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AEGD Sites- First Graduating Class

Some of our new sites are graduating their first class of AEGD residents! We reached out to the graduating residents to do a Q&A to wrap up the year.

Dr. Doantrang Nguyen is part of the first graduating AEGD class from The Wright Center! CONGRATULATIONS on a great year!

  • Why did you choose NYU Langone and/or The Wright Center?
    •  I chose NYU Langone because of their curriculum and requirements that ensure residents will experience a variety of dental procedures, as well as a full scope of general dentistry. Doing an AEGD residency has been helping me develop my clinical abilities, patient management skills, and confidence so that I can be fully prepared for working either in public health or private office.
  • What was your favorite part of the AEGD residency?
    • Besides doing a variety of procedures, increasing speed, feeling more comfortable with diagnosis and treatment, and gaining more confidence as a clinician, I have been developing friendships with people I am working with! I have also had chances to discover northeast PA, experience NEPA foliage, and many outdoor activities, including hiking, rail biking, and the most recently, a Mudgirl run with the dental team.
  • Do you have any tips and advice for future residents?
    • Be open to learning. Do not be afraid to ask for help and make mistakes, because that is how you learn- from experiences, and how you grow as a clinician. The site director and faculty are always there to help and guide you.
  • What was the most rewarding moment?
    • I realized that not only do I improve someone’s oral health, but I also help them gain more confidence and/or make some kind of impact on their lives. One of my patients used to be shy and did not like to discuss his home care, but he is now taking an initiative in asking for dental products to improve his oral health.
  • What was the most valuable thing you've learned?
    • Make mistakes, accept failures, learn from experiences, and grow. As cliche as this sounds, every expert was once a beginner.  It takes time, effort, dedication and failure to learn how to do something well. I have been improving and expanding patient management and clinical abilities, especially with molar endo, surgical extractions, perio surgeries (crown lengthening, GBR), soft tissue laser, and other complex cases in prosthodontics. Indeed, having an attending faculty around to help out when I need, point out my mistakes, and show me what I should have done to have a better outcome has allowed me to learn and grow.
  • What are you most looking forward to after graduation?
    • Dentistry is a life-long career, in which every appointment is an opportunity to grow and improve someone’s health and/or life. My goal is continuing to learn, improve, and grow as a competent clinician while providing quality dental care for people in need.  

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