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NYU Langone Dental Medicine AEGD Resident Speaks Candidly About His Experience

Hear first-hand from an AEGD resident at the Chicopee Health Center in MA!

"My name is Liusvanis Hernandez, I'm currently a second year AEGD resident at NYU Langone Dental Medicine- Chicopee Health Center in MA. I have been in my clinical training at this site for 1 year & 2 months, and I have nothing but great things to say about the program and the staff! The Chicopee Health Center has multiple specialists (Oral Surgeon, Endodontist, Pedodontist, and Orthodontist) on site, which has allowed me to obtain a more involved and specialized experience, and in turn, has enormously improved my clinical and diagnosing skills, helping me become a more complete general practitioner. My site and clinical director, Dr. Attardi, has played a very significant role in my growth as a resident- she is a very knowledgeable and all-around experienced dentist. As my site director, she's very easy to talk to, always discusses different approaches for treatment planning, and is very involved in my cases and procedures. This relationship has helped me to further develop my clinical and diagnostic confidence! The clinical site has a wide range of state-of-the-art dental equipment, like an electrosurgical unit, digital x-rays, digital scanners, CBCT, and rotary motors for endodontic treatments! I have had the opportunity to do a wide variety of dental procedures like crowns, bridges, root canal treatments of molars and anterior teeth, simple surgical, and impacted wisdom teeth extractions, and rehabilitations of dental implants. Soon, I'll also be placing implants, completing and removing dentures, and other various procedures. The staff is very friendly and kind, and I love when the site buys snacks or lunch for the staff! Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has placed obstacles on our profession and it has been challenging at times for the program, I am really happy I chose to be a resident at NYU Langone Dental Medicine and tp have the opportunity to do my training in the Chicopee Health Center."

Chicopee Health Center has 3 openings available for a July 1, 2022 start date. Visit here to APPLY NOW!

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