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NYU Langone Dental Medicine- AEPD Alumni Reception

NYU Langone Dental Medicine AEPD Alumni Reception was held on April 2nd, 2022!

Alumni gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona at the California Society of Pediatric Dentistry / Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry (CSPD/WSPD) Annual Meeting (CLICK HERE for Conference Information)

The participants and their affiliated PEDS training locations are listed below, with program status noted in parentheses.

  • Alaska
    1. Dr. Rob McAlpine (Alumnus)
  • Arizona-Phoenix-Casa Grande
    1. Dr. Susan Sergie (Alumna)
    2. Dr. Sheila Rao (Faculty)
    3. Dr. Najmeh Shabazi (Alumna)
  • California
    1. Dr. Abrar Ahmed (PGY-1 Resident)
    2. Dr. Amnajyot Bains (PGY-1 Resident)
    3. Dr. JoyAh Brooks (PGY-2 Resident, CSPD Santos-Cortez Legislative Intern)
    4. Dr. Wai-Yin Chan (Faculty)
    5. Dr. Amanda Effat (PGY-1 Resident, CSPD Santos-Cortez Legislative Intern)
    6. Dr. So Yeun "Christine" Lee (PGY-1 Resident)
    7. Dr. Carly Saxe (PGY-1 Resident)
    8. Dr. Aishleen Scully (PGY-1 Resident)
    9. Dr. Fadra Whyte (Alumna and Faculty)
  • Hawaii
    1. Dr. Lynn Fujimoto (Faculty)
  • Missouri
    1. Dr. Soumya Immella (PGY-1 Resident)
    2. Dr. Christy Tran (PGY-2 Resident)
  • Washington State
    1. Dr. Anne Pedersen (Alumna)

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