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Why Alumna Dr. Yay Decided to Stay on as Faculty at Her Training Site

Alumna Dr. Yesha Westbrooks, or "Dr. Yay" to her patients talks about her decision to stay with Lee Specialty Clinic:

"I stayed at Lee and am now actually the Dental Director for the clinic! Lee Specialty Clinic is a very unique place. We have the opportunity to provide dental, medical, psych, OT, PT, speech, among tons of other specialties (audiology, ophthalmology, gynecology, neurology, oral pathology, etc.) to our patient population. Here at Lee, we work with adults diagnosed with intellectual or developmental disorders (IDD). We are unique in the sense that this is our only patient population, and we work very well with a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) to ensure that these patients are getting quality care through behavioral management techniques rather than sedation. I have always wanted to work with patients in this population, and when I found NYU Langone Dental Medicine's AEGD program at this clinic, I couldn't have been happier. I stayed on as faculty because I want to ensure that our residents get a very similar experience at our clinic with our very special population. NYU Langone made a very smart choice in partnering with LSC as a residency site, because the residents will always take away from this experience and, hopefully, apply the teachings to their future practices."

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