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Alumni Feature: Dr. Meghan Bastin

Alumni Spotlight Feature:
Dr. Meghan Bastin, AEGD Alumni- Dental Center of Northwest Ohio

"I was committed to my journey to become a pediatric dentist. Although I did not match to a pediatric residency immediately out of dental school, I did have the best of both worlds in an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency program where I was able to also gain experience with pediatric patients.

In 2015, I felt extremely lucky to be accepted as one of the first two residents at the Dental Center of Northwest Ohio’s (DCNWO) AEGD Program affiliated with, then named, Lutheran Medical Center (LMC).  I was most excited for the year of advanced education at this dental safety net clinic in Toledo, Ohio because ten of their almost two dozen chairs were dedicated to pediatric dental care! I knew this would be the perfect location to transition my learning between dental school and a pediatric dental residency program. During my year of training, NYU Langone became the parent entity for all former LMC residency programs and grew to the largest postdoctoral dental residency group in the United States.  

I remember enjoying our monthly didactic meetings with regional program directors and the other residents across Ohio. The collaboration didn’t stop there! We were also connected to the central program in New York for webinars and other virtual learning opportunities. Thanks to the infrastructure and resources of the affiliation between NYU Langone and the DCNWO, I was able to finish my requirements for the AEGD and focus on my passion for pediatric dental care. That year of experience prepared me for acceptance into a pediatric dental residency program.   

I wasn’t the only one! Two other residents from my AEGD year went on to become pediatric dentists as well! One person was working at the DCNWO as a general dentist who only treated children, and the other was a co-resident at a sister site in Findlay, OH. I suspect that many more residents that came after me, and desired a career in pediatric dentistry, have found similar success pursuing this pathway.  I am grateful to NYU Langone and the Dental Center of Northwest Ohio for continuing their mission to provide care and education in the way that they do."

Meghan Bastin, DMD, MPH 
Assistant Professor 
Pediatric Dentistry 
West Virginia University 
Morgantown, WV  26506 

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