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Dr. Jacy Stauffer Talks About Her Work in POSA

NYU Langone Dental Medicine Pediatric Dentistry Alumna and Attending, Dr. Jacy Stauffer discusses her work with pediatric obstructive sleep apnea

As a pediatric dental graduate of Lutheran Medical Center, now NYU Langone Dental Medicine Postdoctoral Residency Programs, (Brooklyn, NY in 2010), I strive to stay current in my teaching philosophy surrounding evidence based dentistry. My interest in pediatric obstructive sleep apnea (POSA) began in 2016 after interacting with the physicians of the Complex Sleep Apnea Clinic team at Rady Children’s Hospital; which is also the training site for our NYU Langone Dental Medicine Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry Program. 

In the interest of innovation and collaboration, I set out to integrate our residents, our orthodontist, and myself into the complex sleep apnea team; thereby bridging the gap between the medical and dental fields on this paramount issue. Since our inauguration to the sleep team in 2019, our multidisciplinary clinic has evaluated approximately 200 complex sleep apnea patients together. Our dental team has ordered over 100 sleep studies on our routine dental patients of record, and has delivered either a myofunctional appliance or rapid palatal expander to over 50 patients in efforts to relieve symptoms of POSA. 

Approximately 7 to 9 million children experience POSA, and any untreated cases may lead to significant neurocognitive dysfunction, behavioral concerns, as well as cardiovascular and metabolic complications; making diagnosis and treatment of POSA important to prevent these deleterious effects. I am proud to be able to offer our residents exposure to POSA therapy by teaching proper dental screening methods, multidisciplinary treatments, and the overall medical referral process. In doing so, I believe our residents become more versatile and more valuable to their patient populations. 

In 2018, several colleagues and I published a manuscript entitled:  “A Review of Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea:  The Role of the Dentist;” in the Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine (J Dent Sleep Med. 2018;5(3):10.10.2018). I will continue to contribute to future research and utilize my speaking engagements around the country to educate the public on this fundamental topic within our profession.

Dr. Jacy Stauffer is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. After graduating in 2007 from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, she went on to pursue a General Practice Residency at Rhode Island Hospital, focusing on adults and children with special health care needs. Following the completion of her certificate in Pediatric Dentistry at Lutheran Medical Center (now NYU Langone Dental Medicine Postdoctoral Residency Programs), Brooklyn NY, she worked in a private group practice setting for a few years before embarking on full-time academia. Her first full-time teaching position was with NYU Langone Dental Medicine's Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry Program (Maryland), a position she held until relocating to California in 2016. 

She currently works in San Diego as a full-time Attending at San Ysidro Health, also affiliated with NYU Langone Dental Medicine. Dr. Stauffer enjoys treating the medically complex patient population at Rady Children’s Hospital, while also serving as a mentor for resident research and contributing to various projects surrounding pediatric obstructive sleep apnea. Dr. Stauffer is the pediatric dentist for the Complex Sleep Apnea Clinic at Rady Children’s Hospital.

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