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NAM Workshop Attendee Selected

Congratulations to Dr. Serena Kankash, Peds PGY2 Holyoke Health Center, MA, who has been selected to attend a workshop, October 24-25, 2015, in Nasoalveolar Molding & Columella Elongation sponsored by the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at NYU Medical Center.

This 2-day intensive workshop focuses on developing the skills and knowledge necessary to provide care for children born with cleft lip and palate. The program will provide hands on training in the fabrication of a bilateral nasoalveolar molding appliance and draw on the expertise and research of NYU Faculty and Staff who are currently providing state of the art therapy.

Thank you to the alumni, faculty, and staff who contributed to the Pediatric Dentistry fund this year which has allowed the Department to pay for the course and offer a $500 stipend to cover hotel, travel, and meal expenses. This is a tremendous opportunity that has been made possible through their generosity.

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