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PGY2 Peds Resident Experience

PGY-2 Peds Resident, Dr. James Stewart shares one of the "most meaningful days of his career":

"Today was one of the biggest and most meaningful days of my young career. Today I was able to have the privilege to operate at the #3 hospital in the US due to our child’s complex medical history and urgent need for dental treatment.
The child that was seen was a 5-year old that was trapped in a house fire in October 2021 that caused him to be intubated for multiple weeks. Because the child couldn’t not be safely extubated due to the lung damage and carbon monoxide exposure, the child had a tracheostomy.
The 5 year old boy presented to our clinic in Brooklyn a few weeks prior with localized swelling and a buccal abscess on #T as well as ECC (early childhood caries).
Following clearances from the pediatrician, pulmonologist, and cardiologist we were able to see the child today for his treatment needs and was able to deliver successful comprehensive care for a child that was in need of urgent treatment.
Having the opportunity to work in such a beautiful facility like the NYU Langone TISCH Hospital, treating patients that need care urgently, to then seeing the look of the face on his mother is why I love what I do.
This is only the beginning!"

Check out his post: CLICK HERE

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