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NYU Langone Dental Medicine-Pediatric Dentistry Post-Match Instructions

The post-match application for the Pediatric program has closed for the current cycle. 

NYU Langone Dental Medicine
Pediatric Dentistry
Post-Match Instructions

The NYU Langone Dental Medicine Pediatric Dentistry Program may have post-MATCH resident positions available at the location(s) listed below.

Please follow the five (5) steps listed below in order to have your post-Match application considered.

1. Review the program requirements listed below.

  • Must have a DDS or DMD degree from an ADA-accredited U.S. or Canadian dental school
  • Must be eligible for a dental license in the state(s) to which applying - Residents must be eligible for an unrestricted license, temporary license, limited permit, or other licensing requirement(s) specific to the state which has jurisdiction over the specific NYU Langone Dental-PEDS training site
Alaska Unrestricted dental license required
Arizona No license required
California No license required
Florida Dental resident permit or unrestricted license required
Hawaii Temporary license or unrestricted license required
Maryland Temporary license or unrestricted license required
Missouri Unrestricted license required
New York No license required
Tennessee Unrestricted license required
Rhode Island Limited permit or unrestricted license required
Washington State Limited permit or unrestricted license required
  • Must have passed Part I of National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) prior to application and part II by start of residency
  • Dental transcripts through PASS
  • All candidates must be proficient/fluent in the English language
  • PASS application; MATCH number
  • Personal interview (upon invitation)
  • Completed dental school or current residency in good standing by start of orientation (end of June) 
  • Must live within 20 minutes of health center by start of residency to respond to after-hours emergency calls (Brooklyn residents MUST relocate to southern Brooklyn)

2. If you have already applied to an NYU Langone Dental Medicine training site before October 1, 2020 during the PASS application cycle, the NYU Langone Dental Pediatric Dentistry program will already have access to your PASS application.

3. If you have NOT already applied to an NYU Langone Dental Medicine Pediatric Dental training site during the PASS application cycle, then login to the PASS website and designate NYU Langone Dental Medicine/Brooklyn (PASS Code 333) as a recipient of your application by 5pm (EST) on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. 

4. By 5pm (EST) on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, complete and submit the online survey with the NYU Langone Dental Medicine Pediatric Dental training locations at which you wish to apply. The online survey will be available beginning January 1st and accessible from this page. 

5. Should you have additional questions, please send ONE email inquiry addressed to the three (3) names and email addresses listed below.

  6.  The program anticipates that the post-Match selection will be completed by March 31st. If you are not contacted by March 31st, you may reapply during the next cycle or may be interested in a post-match AEGD position with NYU Langone Dental Medicine.  Visit www.lmcdental.org/apply to learn more.

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