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Tennessee-Dental Specialty Education, Inc- PEDS

Dental Specialty Education, Inc. (DSE) is a not-for profit 501(c)(3) educational organization located in Nashville, Tennessee dedicated to serving pediatric patients in one of the most dentally underserved communities in the state. Through the affiliation with NYU Langone Dental Medicine’s Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry Program, residents at our DSE training site can expect to become well-trained pediatric dentists who are sensitive to community and family oral health care needs of pediatric and special needs populations in the State of Tennessee. There will be ample opportunity to treat a wide-range of oral health issues as our population of patients have an above average incidence of oral diseases.

DSE’s clinical training site, Children’s Dental Health Center (CDHC), has 11 operatories dedicated to pediatric dentistry. It is the primary location for clinical training. Many specialty clinics and affiliations support the residency program. Residents participate in after-hours on-call, in-patient pediatric medicine, pediatric sub-specialties and cleft palate team rotations. Several outpatient surgery centers will serve as rotations for the operating room.

CDHC is located in a poor urban neighborhood, located just two miles outside the central business district of Nashville. CDHC is one of the only dental clinics in the greater Nashville market that provides transport services. During the past twelve months the clinic has managed over 32,000 patient interactions and is actively growing. The neighborhood where CDHC is located represents the most clinically at-risk populations in Greater Nashville. The population is principally African American and Hispanic children balanced equally between genders. The primary payment mechanism (94%+) is TennCare (state based Medicaid), followed by private insurance (3%) and private pay (3%).

DSE has support staff and each resident will have one designated dental assistant for each clinic session. All staff involved in direct patient care are current with BLS/CPR certification and the residents and supervising pediatric dentists are ACLS/PALS certified. Digital intraoral and extraoral radiographic equipment is available within the dental center. Sedations and OR cases will be performed at the Specialty Surgery Center and the Oral Surgery anesthesiologists. DSE pediatric dental faculty will teach and supervise the anesthesia procedures performed by the residents. A pediatric dentist is always present to supervise the resident providing oral health care.

A private conference room and resident office space with computers are available within DSE’s dental clinics. The residents have access to the NYU Langone Dental Medicine Health Science Library online and its numerous medical and dental resource databases, including online dental journal subscriptions and drug reference information.

Name NYU Langone Dental Medicine - Tennessee
Number PED391
Description You may use the name and number noted above to locate this site in the ADEA Pass Application.
Organization Address

Dental Specialty Education, Inc
739 President Place #210 
Nashville, TN 37167

Contact information

Dr. John Kenney
Associate Director


Dental Specialty Education (DSE), Inc.
739 President Place #210
Nashville, Tennessee 37167

Children’s Dental Health Center
447-451 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37167

Year network/office opened 2013
Total # of operatories 31
Electronic records Yes
Digital Radiology Yes

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