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Prospective Faculty

Prospective Faculty

With clinical faculty shortages one of the most critical challenge confronting dentistry today, it's an important time to contribute to the academic world. NYU Langone Dental family is the largest and broadest-reaching postdoctoral dental residency program in the world, impacting individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools and communities in a truly extraordinary way.

Fulfill Personal & Societal Goals

A faculty position that brings you into the NYU Langone Dental network is a unique career choice. Yes, you will take your place on an acclaimed staff dedicated to molding the next generation of successful, dedicated, and ethical dental practitioners. But you will also be doing your part to bring oral health care to marginalized populations, thanks to the pioneering education model established by NYU Langone Dental more than four decades ago.

NYU Langone Dental currently has over 650 full-time and part-time faculty positions at ADA-CODA accredited sites at community health centers, hospitals, mobile dental units and other clinical settings across the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. A wide variety of new positions continually arise to keep pace with our expanding networks and growing postdoctoral residency programs. Our preference is to operate our programs on a faculty to studient ratio as large as 3:1 faculty in many regions to enhance the quality of the didactic and clinical components of the educational experience for both students and faculty.

Many of our faculty members also own and run private practices, hold faculty positions at prestigious universities and dental schools, and are actively involved in dental associations and government-appointed policy-making boards. We are proud to count among our educators many who have received lifetime achievement awards, practitioner awards and are high profile advocates in governmental policy changes to provide equitable dental services worldwide.

You will also have the opportunity to sponsor and lead global dental mission trips with your colleagues and students.

Contact us for more information on our residency programs.

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