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A History of Breaking Boundaries

NYU Langone Hospitals is the educational sponsor of postdoctoral dental residency training programs accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association.

For over 45 years, NYU Langone Dental Medicine's pioneering "dental institution without walls" has trained dental residents in one- , two- and three-year programs. True to its mission, our goal is to serve, to teach, and to discover. This is achieved daily through our integrated academic culture devoted to excellence in patient care, education, and research.

We launched our first program in 1974 and have been growing ever since:

Educational Programs

Residents who complete our program gain the real-world experience as well as a sense of certainty and confidence in how to treat a full spectrum of patients including those with unique oral medical challenges. Unlike any other dental residency program, NYU Langone Dental Medicine exposes residents to a broad range of complex conditions and medically compromised patients.

Our esteemed alumni continue to distinguish themselves in practices and dental associations around the world.

On April 1, 2015, NYU Langone Health system welcomed Lutheran Medicine Center into its healthcare network family. NYU Langone Dental Medicine continues to provide high-quality, valuable and community-based dental residency programs.

Our Commitment to Community Caring

NYU Langone Dental Medicine continually strengthens its commitment to care for underserved communities by forging collaborative alliances and affiliations with community health centers and other public agencies. Community Health Centers (CHC), Indian Health Services (IHS), and other clinic sites around the US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands have searched for relief from devastating dental workforce shortages occurring in urban, rural, and suburban geographic areas.

It is part of our broader mission to serve our neighbors and find dental homes for underserved populations.

A Mission to Serve

With a continuing commitment to the highest standards of care, NYU Langone Dental Medicine affirms it dedication to care for all people. Through values reflecting compassion, dignity, integrity, and service, NYU Langone affirms its dedication to care for its neighbors and new immigrants. We define health as the total well-being of the community and its residents.

NYU Langone Dental Medicine has achieved its goal to become a nationally recognized community-based teaching health care system. It includes NYU Langone Hospital- Brooklyn, a 476 bed Level I trauma hospital; the comprehensive Family Health Centers; and many outreach programs that are models in education, clinical care, and community service.

The Medical Center is the heart of a health system that anticipates and meets the rapidly changing needs of a multicultural community. As part of an integrated health care system, NYU Langone Health understands a hospital not as just a collection of buildings, machines, and beds but as a staff of talented, creative, and committed people who serve the community as needed. The staff is culturally sensitive and linguistically competent, and many live in and near the communities it serves. At the same time, NYU Langone Health developed an equal commitment to excellence in health professions education. In recent decades, NYU Langone Health aggressively volunteered as a significant corporate presence in the community to stimulate renewal and constructive change, and to advocate for the health and well-being of an entire urban area, Southwest Brooklyn.

Message from our Vice President of Graduate Dental Education

At NYU Langone Dental Medicine we believe there are compelling reasons for today's dental graduates to consider a residency program. Dentists, like other health care professionals today, find themselves in a much more complex environment than their predecessors. In order to effectively deal with this challenging environment and flourish in it, dentists need a rich base of knowledge and skills to assess and successfully traverse the constantly changing landscape of the health care system.

While today's dentists remain responsible for the recognition, prevention, management, treatment, and evaluation of caries and periodontal diseases, they will also work in closer collaboration with physicians and other health care providers. The Surgeon General's Report on Oral Health and other recent evidence establishes links between oral health and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and low birth rate, among other health problems, provide an even more compelling rationale to pursue postdoctoral training.

Oral health, so essential to general health and well-being, eludes many in our society. The highest rates of dental caries affect children and families with lower incomes and lesser education. At the same time, many children and young people with developmental or chronic conditions are unable to find access to any dental care, regardless of economic or educational background. Dental needs often overwhelm the health care resources available in many communities. We at NYU Langone Dental Medicine believe deeply in our obligation to serve our communities and we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling this mission as creatively as possible.

NYU Langone Dental Medicine also commits itself to providing an excellent and supportive environment for educating residents in the respected traditions of medicine and dentistry. We are committed to ensuring equitable and inclusive opportunities for learning and building diverse educational, clinical, and workplace communities with a focus on providing access to care for some of our nation's neediest citizens. Modern facilities, a superb faculty and staff, and plentiful educational resources foster a dynamic and satisfying educational experience. We take pride in the quality and inventiveness of our programs and the professional guidance provided during this important phase in your career. We encourage you to explore our programs and look forward to welcoming you to NYU Langone.



Martin Lieberman, DDS, MA

Vice President, Graduate Dental Education

Contact us for more information on our residency programs.

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