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General Questions

The General Practice Residency (GPR) program is a hospital-based residency program. The program integrates medical applications into dentistry. For more info: The Difference Between AEGD and GPR program
There is no supplemental documentation for the Dental Anethesiology, Endodontics, or GPR Programs. If further information is needed, the application committee will reach out.
If we need further information or documentation, we will reach out to you via the email you have provided in PASS.
Unfortunately, most of our programs and/or sites are currently not hosting any visits. If we begin to host visits, information will be updated here. If you have specific sites and/or programs that you have questions about, please email us at dentalresidency@nyulangone.org so that we can connect you with the appropriate contacts. You may also visit the specific site's page that you are interested in and reach out to the key contacts directly. Currently, only our Dental Anesthesiology Program is holding Observership visits. Please contact dentalresidency@nyulangone.org for more information.
Please contact our Help Desk- Finance at 212-404-4200 or Human Resources at 212-404-3787.
Please visit Resident Verification Requests and follow the directions to receive a verification of residency. Please use the following email: dentalverification@nyulangone.org for all future communications regarding verifications.
Certificate reprints cost $100 and may take up to 6-8 weeks to receive. Please email us at dentalresidency@nyulangone.org for more information.
If you are a dentist who was trained outside the U.S. or Canada, review the information on our page dedicated to dentists trained outside the U.S. and Canada

Contact us for more information on our residency programs.

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