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Program Overview

Program Overview

Our programs offer something for everyone. That means you will be fully prepared for the future that you envision as a dental health professional. NYU Langone Dental Medicine provides comprehensive clinical training in clinical practice sites around the United States and the Caribbean, a strong didactic and research education, and ADA-CODA-accredited certification in your specialty. Residents are exposed to all aspects of dentistry and steeped in hands-on, didactic and research experiences that serve to fully prepare them to treat with confidence and skill any oral medical challenge they might face.

ProgramPositions AvailableApplication Deadline
AEGD       250  Varies by location
Anesthesiology         6 Sept 15
GPR        32 Dec 1
Pediatrics        63 Sept 1
Endodontics         6 July 1/Aug 1
Total      357


Since NYU Langone Dental Medicine is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association, you can be confident that you'll be learning from a proven institution that maintains the highest academic standards.

Our accredited Postdoctoral General Dentistry Programs include:

Our accredited Postdoctoral Advanced Specialty Education Programs include:

Connect with faculty and residents around the U.S. while working locally

Our distance-learning curriculum links all of the NYU Langone Dental Medicine clinics around the continuous US States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean together for simultaneous didactic learning and collaboration. In addition, NYU Langone Dental Medicine has implemented asynchronous web-based Brightspace technology allowing residents to have access to lectures any time of day or night. Residents are required to complete a minimum of 200-hours of standardized didactic coursework on an annual basis. Online forums are utilized for literature review and educational discussions of dental disciplines. This assures educational equity across clinical training sites and throughout the programs.

Always at the forefront of distance learning, NYU Langone Dental Medicine seamlessly integrated remote and participatory education into our core curriculum over ten years ago. In 2003, we expanded the distance learning curriculum via live video teleconferencing to include the pediatric dentistry curriculum. Compressed video conferencing allows residents to participate weekly in a shared academic program in a virtual classroom, whether they are in New York City, the Hudson River Valley, Tucson, Providence, or Honolulu.

To that end, in 2010, NYU Langone Dental Medicine introduced its newest didactic learning experience using an asynchronous web-based technology, Brightspace. Brightspace, a robust system supporting over 4 million educational users to enhance collaborative teaching, learning and research, provides the residents with access to lectures 24/7. Residents can, whenever needed, self-engage in learning and re-learning concepts. Both VTC and Brightspace educational technologies work together to impart a full-range of didactic knowledge to our residents. By participating in our virtual classroom community, our programs will prepare you when you graduate to use contemporary communication and business technology in daily office operations and continuing education.

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