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This 36-month hospital-based program offers hands-on training in the anesthetic management of patients in the operating room, outpatient clinic and dental office setting. Graduates of the program are proficient in the anesthetic management – in both hospital and non-hospital settings – of a wide range of dental patients including: children, special needs patients, phobic adults, the medically compromised, patients with extensive treatment plans and the trauma patient.

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Program Strengths

  • Clinically focused Dental Anesthesiology training in a modern hospital OR suite
  • Instruction by dentist and physician anesthesiologists
  • Full spectrum of anesthetic management
  • Large varied case load in ethnically diverse patient population
  • Majority of program time involves direct patient care
  • Comprehensive didactic curriculum to complement clinical experiences
  • Significant time training in the OR suite during all three years in program
  • Off service medical rotations – one month in Pediatric Medicine, and a total of three months in Internal Medicine (one month in each of PGY-1, PGY-2 and PGY-3 years)
  • Mobile office-based anesthesia rotation – two months in year 2 and four months in year 3. Full time five days per week total focus on office based anesthesia
  • Mobile office-based anesthesia rotation - seven different NYU DA attendings with mobile anesthesia practices available to work one-on-one with DA residents on rotation.
  • Surgery center rotation dedicated exclusively to anesthetic management of the dental patient (with a focus on syndromic/special needs patients) - two months in PGY-2 year 
  • the Dental Anesthesioly program at NYU Langone is Located within the culturally rich dynamic borough of Brooklyn in close proximity to Manhattan

Program Description and Goals

The program began in July 2008 and in 2010 was fully accredited without reporting requirements by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). Located in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, NYU Langone Hospitals-Brooklyn is recognized as a Level 1 Trauma Center. In this environment residents gain experience providing anesthesia services to a diverse mix of patients often presenting with significant comorbidities. The clinical and didactic components of the program are interwoven so that knowledge and theory are absorbed and retained in the crucible of real time anesthesia practice in a busy OR suite.

Our goal is to provide our residents with the most effective combination of clinical and didactic instruction in dental anesthesiology. Upon graduation we expect our residents to be fully proficient in the anesthetic management of children, adults and the mentally and developmentally disabled or special needs patient – whether in the dental office, ambulatory surgicenter or inpatient setting.

Residents who have graduated from this program practice as dental anesthesiologists in a wide variety of professional environments. These include mobile office-based anesthesia practices across the country, ambulatory surgicenters and a full-time anesthesia staff position in a children’s hospital. Office-based anesthesia is a rapidly growing field that will continue to provide excellent practice opportunities for appropriately trained dental professionals.

Didactic Curriculum and Research

Dental Anesthesiology residents participate in regular journal club sessions to keep abreast of current research and learn to use an evidence-based approach to critical reviews of the anesthesiology literature. Additionally, residents participate in an intense orientation lecture series as PGY-1 residents, in weekly grand rounds, and frequent lectures by faculty. 

Residents complete a research project under the guidance of the Director of Dental Research and present their findings at NYU Langone, ASDA/ADSA Meetings or other educational forums approved by the Program Director. Research projects may be: hypothesis-driven clinical research, formal case reviews/case studies or systematic reviews.

Residents integrate evidence based findings into daily practice and strive for continual improvements in efficacy and safety of anesthesia services for dental patients throughout their residency and career.

Clinical Curriculum

This 36-month hospital-based program offers hands-on training in the anesthetic management of patients in the operating room, outpatient clinic and dental office setting. NYU DA Residents are trained in the full spectrum of anesthesia skills from intubated general anesthesia to IV/IM/oral sedation.  Much of the training occurs in the main OR suite at NYU Langone where residents are directly involved in providing anesthesia for a wide variety of general surgical cases. On a regular basis, Dental Anesthesiology residents take overnight call where they participate in emergency cases as part of the anesthesia team. First-year residents spend significant time training in the OR as well as on off-service rotations in medicine and pediatrics.

Second- and third-year residents continue rotation in the OR suite but also attend more focused clinical rotations.  Second-year residents spend two months on rotation in mobile office-based anesthesia.  In this rotation, residents spend time embedded in each of the practices of the dentist anesthesiologists associated with the rotation.  Second-year residents also spend two months on rotation in a surgery center dedicated to the anesthetic management of patients with special needs.  In conjunction with the addition of the third-year to the Dental Anesthesiology Program curriculum, each PGY-3 DA residents spend four additional months on rotation in mobile office-based anesthesia.

The overall goal of the Dental Anesthesiology Program is to produce graduates that from day 1 are competent  anesthesia providers in the dental office, ambulatory surgery center and Main OR suite settings.

Program Stipend and Benefits

The Dental Anesthesiology Program offers its postgraduate residents generous stipends and fringe benefits which are competitive with other hospitals in the New York metropolitan area.


The application deadline is September 15th. The program uses the PASS application. Application materials may be obtained directly from the PASS website.  

Additional correspondence may be obtained through:

Dr. Charles D. Azzaretti
Director of Dental Anesthesiology

Admission Requirements

  • DDS or DMD from an ADA-accredited American or Canadian Dental School
  • Must be eligible for temporary license in New York State
  • PASS application
  • Comprehensive Basic Science Examination (CBSE) 
  • Personal interview (if invited)

NY State Applicants Only-
Graduates with an international dental degree AND a U.S. or Canadian DDS/DMD degree:
For applicants who have earned BOTH a dental degree from a non-US or Canadian school, AND a US or Canadian DDS/DMD program, your education must be approved by the NY State Department of Education for your application to be considered. To receive approval, candidates must complete and submit an Education Record Form (ERF) to the program and to the NY State Department of Education. The document can be accessed through the website: www.op.nysed.gov 

Contact us for more information on our residency programs.

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