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Who We Are

In 1974, Lutheran Medical Center established its first postdoctoral dental residency program in Brooklyn, New York. By design, the program was recognized as an innovative healthcare delivery and education model blending missions in service-learning.

In 2015, the program became part of the world class NYU Langone Health System, one of the nations premier academic medical centers. Joining together, these two organizations, cemented our mission: to serve, to teach, and to discover. We achieve this daily through our integrated academic culture devoted to excellence in patient care, education, and research. Today, NYU Langone Dental Medicine Postdoctoral Residency Programs is nationally recognized and affiliated with community health center, university, and hospital sites that train over 400 residents annually.

Collaborative Partnerships

  • Community Health Centers
  • Native American Health Services
  • Area Health Education Centers
  • Private Group Practices
  • United States Dental Schools
  • Dental Support Organizations
  • Community Hospitals
  • Correctional Health Systems


Win for dental residents:

  • Receive unparalleled, real-world experience, and increase clinical skills and confidence
  • Learn from world-class faculty
  • Able to make a difference in underserved communities in a tuition free program that pays a generous stipend and fringe benefits

Win for patients:

  • Access to free or low-cost, quality dental care
  • Treated in their own communities

Win for training site partners:

  • Healthcare sites retain the revenue generated by resident performed procedures
  • Train the next generation of oral health providers
  • Establish a pipeline of potential future employees: 35% of our graduates are offered and accept a position where they trained

Contact us for more information on our residency programs.

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