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North Carolina

North Carolina is the location of the world's first controlled and sustained flight, by the Wright brothers in 1903. Today it is headquarters to some of America's largest banks and large high tech research centers. Outside of the classroom, students in North Carolina can enjoy a variety of recreational activities-swimming, skiing, bird watching, rock climbing, camping, spelunking, and freshwater and saltwater fishing. NYU Langone Dental Medicine's health center partners in North Carolina are located in Greenville and Snow Hill. Greenville is recognized as the cultural and entertainment, commerce, education and medical hub of Eastern North Carolina with a thriving small metropolitan area of 90,000 residents. Snow Hill-a growing community about 25 miles southwest of Greenville-overlooks the Contentnea Creek. It boasts historic neighborhoods, fine recreational facilities, nice homes, prosperous businesses and is home to about 1,600 residents. In 2019, 13.6% of people in North Carolina had income below the official poverty line ($25,926 for a family of four) and 22.2% of people under age 65 and below 138% of the poverty line did not have health insurance.

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