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Admissions and Application

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Admissions and Application: PGY-1 Level
Program Requirements:
To apply for the PGY-1 level, you need to be graduating or have graduated from an accredited dental school in the United States or Canada. A DDS/DMD degree is required.
For NY State Applicants Only:
If you have an international dental degree and a DDS/DMD degree from the US or Canada, you must have your education approved by the NY State Department of Education for your application to be considered. To get approval, you need to complete and submit an Education Record Form (ERF) to both the program and the NY State Department of Education. You can find the form on the website: www.op.nysed.gov.
Immigration Sponsorship:
If you are not a US citizen, permanent residents or green card holder, you must provide documentation of your identity and U.S. work authorization that is valid for the duration of the program. If you have an Employment Authorization Document (EAD card) or you are an F-1 student who will apply for an Optional Practical Training (OPT) visa, it is important to ensure that you can obtain U.S. work authorization for the entire duration of the program. The program does not provide H-1B sponsorship, but TN-1 sponsorship is available for eligible participants under NAFTA.
All applicants must submit their applications to the program through the PASS system. You can find more information about application requirements and deadlines on the PASS website: www.adea.org/PASSapp.
The program has a deadline of December 1 in most regions. Each region has its own PASS ID number, and candidates can apply to multiple regions if desired.
Required Application Documents:
NBDE and INBDE: While the program accepts NBDE and INBDE exam results, these exams are not required for application to the program.
Recommendation Letters/Personal Evaluation Forms (PEFs): You must submit at least three recommendation letters/PEFS from clinical faculty who have directly observed, evaluated, and worked with you during patient care sessions.
Dean's Letter of Recommendation
Dental School Diploma: If you have already graduated from dental school at the time of application, you must include a notarized copy of your dental school diploma.
CV: Your CV must include your address, phone number, email, and academic institution attendance with dates. For graduates, list activities from dental school graduation until the time of application.
Dental school transcript
Personal statement
State Dental License Eligibility:
If a region requires a state dental license or permit to practice dentistry within the scope of the program, you must be eligible for licensure. Please refer to the individual state dental board requirements for licensure.
All applicants must register for a MATCH ID number. Each program region has its own MATCH ID number. For more information about the MATCH process, rank order submission deadline, and release of MATCH results, please visit the website: www.natmatch.com/dentres.
After the MATCH results are released, the program may accept applications if positions are available. You can apply using the PASS application until it closes in early February, or you can use the free post-match application on this website.
PGY-2 Level:
The application requirements for the optional PGY-2 level are the same as those for the PGY-1 level, in addition to providing evidence of completion of a PGY-1 level CODA-accredited AEGD or GPR program.

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