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Arizona - Pascua Yaqui Tribal Dental Center - AEGD

Learning and practicing in close-knit community with high quality faculty mentors. Pascua Yaqui Tribal Dental Center is affiliated with El-Rio Community Health Center. Our Pascua Yaqui clinic is housed at the Hiak Hitevi Kari (Yaqui Healer's House) at the tribal head quarters located at 7490 South Camino de Oeste. The tribal center's goal is to provide comprehensive Dentistry in a comfortable and culturally correct environment to all community members. Dental residents can expect to treat all age groups within the community while handling unique and complex conditions affilitiated with this ethnically diverse and culturally rich population. Interaction with and guidance from onsite faculty and faculty from El Rio facilities will provide residents with unparalleled mentoring from high-quality practitioners while experiencing a close relationship with community members.

Name AEGD1576
Number NYU Langone Dental Medicine - Southern Arizona, Pascua Yaqui Tribal Health Center
Description You may use the name and number noted above to locate this site in the ADEA Pass Application.
Organization Address

7490 South Camino de Oeste
Tucson, Arizona 85757

Contact information

Dr. Ronald Toepke
Dental Director

Website www.pascuayaqui-nsn.gov/index.php/dental

Pascua Yaqui Tribal Dental Center - Tucson
7490 South Camino de Oeste 
Tucson, Arizona 85757

Total # of operatories 10
Electronic records YES
Digital Radiology YES

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