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Arizona - St. Vincent De Paul Virginia G. Piper Dental Clinic - AEGD

Inspiring improved oral health. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international non-profit organization dedicated to serving the poor underserved communities. Working with local schools, we identify children with serious dental needs along with the inability to address them. For these kids, we provide comprehensive treatment plans that include teaching them oral hygiene skills. Thanks to our dental professionals, we provide adult dental services ranging from cleanings and fillings to extractions and denture fittings. We run a comprehensive free dental clinic that provides treatment and preventive care to 6,284 children and adults without insurance and inspires thousands to healthier hygiene every year. With 6,284 appointments completed last year, we are improving smiles every day.

Name AEGD182
Number NYU Langone Dental Medicine - Phoenix, AZ
Description You may use the name and number noted above to locate this site in the ADEA Pass Application.
Organization Address

420 West Watkins Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Contact information

Dr. Scott G. Myers
Dental Director

Website www.stvincentdepaul.net

St. Vincent De Paul Virginia G. Piper Dental Clinic - Phoenix
420 West Watkins Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Year network/office opened 1946
Total # of operatories 6
Electronic records Yes
Digital Radiology Yes

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