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California - Native American Health Center - AEGD

Vibrant urban environment. Native American Health Center assists American Indians and Alaska Natives to improve and maintain their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being with respect for cultural traditions and to advocate for the needs of all Indian people, especially the most vulnerable members of our community. In the 1980's and 1990's, NAHC created new programs, added new funding sources and expanded the scope of services provided. Native American Health Center focused its efforts on prevention and youth with the creation of the youth center, Tribal Athletics Program and working with a cluster of Indian youth service providers. The vision created by our youth challenged us to look to our history for strength, create a new vision for our future generations and respond to our youth's call to action. Resident will work in the Oakland and San Francisco clinics will be guided by faculty mentors as they gain experience and speed in dental services such as: exams, fillings, cleanings, extractions, sealants, fluoride treatments, emergency services, root canals, crowns & bridges, dentures & partials, orthodontics (braces) - Oakland Clinic Only and more.

Name NYU Langone Dental Medicine - San Francisco, CA
Number AEGD173
Description You may use the name and number noted above to locate this site in the ADEA Pass Application.
Organization Address

3124 International Boulevard
Oakland, California 94601

Contact Information

Dr. Alfonso Galindo

Website www.nativehealth.org

Native American Health Center - Oakland
3124 International Boulevard
Oakland, California 94601

Native American Health Center - San Francisco
160 Capp Street
San Francisco, California 94110

Total # of operatories 10
Electronic records Yes
Digital Radiology Yes

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