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California - Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics - AEGD

Make a profound impact while learning. Eastside Family Dental Clinic is affiliated with the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics. As the critical health safety net for the Santa Barbara Community, the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics is dedicated to providing the best possible medical and dental care regardless of the patient's ability to pay. The Eastside Family Dental Clinic, accredited by CODA in 2009, has successfully graduated 4 classes of residents. Residents enhance skills by treating a growing number of patients - 13,430 in 2013 alone. Residents get in-depth experience in general and specialty areas including but not limited to: preventive, restorative, surgical, and prosthodontic treatments including endodontics, implant placement and restorations for patients of all ages and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and often with complex medical problems. Our facility has a total of 6 well equipped operatories and plan to add additional residents. Our graduates have contributed much both during and after their training with us. Two have now become staff dentists at our site. We have great support from the Dental Professional Communtiy. Our clinic's work has generated significant impact on our patients: 95% of children show tooth decay at first exam. Following education, preventive and restorative treatment, only 10% of children show problems that need further care at recall exams.

Name NYU Langone Dental Medicine - Santa Barbara, CA
Number AEGD172
Description You may use the name and number noted above to locate this site in the ADEA Pass Application.
Organization Address

923 North Milpas Street
Santa Barbara, California 93103

Contact Information

Dr. Jeremy Lin

Website www.sbclinics.com

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics - Eastside - Santa Barbara
923 North Milpas Street
Santa Barbara, California 93103

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics - Goleta
164 Kinman Avenue
Goleta, California 93117

Year network/office opened 1970
Total # of operatories 13
Electronic records Yes
Digital Radiology Yes

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