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Louisiana - EXCELth, Inc - AEGD

Health Center Contact:
Dr. Douglas Cross, Dental Director

Kenyata Anderson, Office Manager


Name of Training Site:
Excelth Family Dental Center- New Orleans East
Excelth Family Dental Center- Algiers

What is the mission of your training site?
Our mission is to provide excellence in community-based health care that increases access, reduces health disparities, and improves health outcomes.

What types of dental services can I expect to perform?
Excelth provides a full range of dental services to our patients. These services include amalgam and composite restorations, crowns and bridges, removable partials and complete dentures, periodontics, and extractions including surgical. We provide dental care to special needs, medically compromised geriatric, and pediatric patients.

What types of technologies can I expect to use?
Excelth dental clinics are equipped with computers that allow electronic charts and digital radiography with plans to incorporate electronic prescriptions. Other technology includes rotary endodontic units and electrocautery-electrosurgery unit. Excelth is in the process of expanding both physically and technologically with plans to add technology that will increase the quality of care for our patients. Excelth’s mobile dental unit is currently used to treat patients at schools, adult living facilities, as well as, special needs facilities.

What is the patient population?
Excelth has a very diverse population mostly below the federal poverty level. Major groups include African Americans, Latinos, Haitians, and Arabic. We have bilingual staff and clinicians to assist with translation. If you’re interested in learning Spanish, this will provide an excellent opportunity.

What is life like outside of the training site?
New Orleans (The Big Easy) is one of America’s most unique cities. New Orleans offers new dentists the experience of city life with professional football and basketball teams, museums, music, and fine dining. World famous Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest provide the opportunity to participate in a one-of-a-kind experience with New Orleans culture and performers from around the world. Within a few hours’ drive of New Orleans, Louisiana offers the quietness of small towns with local festivals and 6400-acres of state parks and historic Native American mounds built during the time of Queen Nefertiti’s rule. In addition to a wide range of activities in LA, a little over an hour drive will put you on the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

Will residents have the opportunity to restore and/or place implants at your training site?
Although Excelth’s patient population does not allow for the placement of implants, Excelth is committed to serving the community and implant restorations are done on a case-by-case basis.

Will residents treat children in your training site?
Residents will be asked to consult with the pediatric physician as well as treat children from the community. Most of Excelth’s pediatric patients are treated on the mobile dental unit, but there is the opportunity to provide restorations, pulpotomies, extractions, stainless steel crowns, and space maintainers.

Name NYU Langone Dental Medicine - Louisiana Region
Number AEGD1606
Description You may use the name and number noted above to locate this site in the ADEA Pass Application.
Organization Address

9900 Lake Forest Boulevard, Suite F
New Orleans, LA 70127

Contact information

Dr. Douglas Cross

Website www.excelth.com

EXCELth, Inc - New Orleans East Family Health and Dental
9900 Lake Forest Boulevard, Suite F
New Orleans, LA 70127

EXCELth, Inc - Algiers Family Dental Arthur Monday Multi-Purpose Center
1111 Newton St., Suite 207
New Orleans, LA 70114

Year network/office opened 2021
Electronic records Yes
Digital Radiology Yes

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